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Speedgrader symbol for partially graded assignments?

When using Speedgrader, you can look at the individual students in a drop-down menu in the upper right corner.  This menu includes a symbol to tell you if a student's assignment has been graded or not.  However, I use assignments that have both machine-graded and human-graded questions.  Speedgrader marks assignments as graded (a check) even when only the machine-graded questions have been graded, and none of the human-graded questions have been touched.  This means that the information that an assignment has been graded doesn't really tell me anything. 

I have looked, and I have not been able to find a way to easily see if an assignment has been partially graded.  If you page through the assignments one by one, you can see them at the top of the individual pages, but this is time consuming just to ensure that you haven't accidentally missed a question (or forgot to click update, etc.). It would be very convenient to see this information in the drop down-menu, say with a symbol for a fully graded assignment, a symbol for assignments with ungraded items, and a symbol for completely ungraded assignments (& really, this category is unnecessary if you have the 2nd one...).  This would let you easily see which assignments to jump to, and also make finding & fixing the occasional missed item before releasing grades to students much more efficient.  

If such a feature could also be tied into rubrics, this would also help you quickly identify the occasional missed check-box on a rubric (I admit it-- I'm not perfect and occasionally forget to click a box...).  This would dramatically speed error checking before releasing grades compared having to manually scan each assignment to determine if all items  -- whether in a quiz or on a rubric -- have been graded.  This seems like it should be a pretty easy thing to program Canvas to detect & flag.

  Possibly this feature exists, and I've just been using the wrong search terms, but I've found nothing even closely related.  Thanks for any feedback.

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