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Status color not changing - can't click apply button

 possibly related to this bug: 

Description of the Bug:

  • When I try to change the color options for a Status, the box closes after I choose the new color but before I can click apply, so the changes don't stick.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Click View . . .Statuses
  2. Choose a status (example: Late)
  3. Click a new color - box closes before you can click Apply

I happened to be making a screencast when I encountered this problem: Canvas grade-book - UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace  (see 4:20)

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Seems to be working fine for me in both Firefox 53 and Chrome 61.

New Member


I had a similar experience when attempting to apply status custom colors.  I started a discussion post on it here.  If you access the new gradebook in the beta instance, the error appears to be fixed.  The fix should move from beta to production on November 18th.  Hope that helps!