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Is there no way to attach questions to a stimulus and pull them from a question bank with the attached questions?

I need to create a quiz that randomly pulls questions from a question bank so that each student has a slightly different assessment.

I tried to create stimulus questions that each had three questions asked per stimulus item. When I pull the questions from the bank it only pulls the stimulus and not the questions. This prevents me from using question banks to help randomize questions in the assessment. 

I was hoping to create multiple questions like this and pull them randomly from a question bank:

308477_Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 4.56.30 PM.png

Has anyone found another creative option for this?

Thanks for any help.


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Hello @sdavick and thanks for posting in the Community!

Looking into this, this does look to be a limitation of New Quiz Stimulus questions. I am seeing in the guide: Note: You can add stimulus content to an item bank. However, questions attached to the stimulus content are not automatically added to the item bank and must be added manually.

I was seeing similar questions were being raised about this, here:

However the answer was the same as this is a current limitation we are seeing. I would try posting this as a New Idea in the Community here:

This would be a great additional feature to be able to have questions linked inside a Stimulus question to be automatically added when the Stimulus question is shared and then linked from an Item Bank. 

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