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Storyline 2 and Canvas LMS

I have a few questions about working with Storyline 2 and Canvas LMS.

We want a Storyline course to to play within the frame within the Canvas LMS, not in a new window. Is this a possibility?

Would slides with multiple interactions be a bad design decision as I have also been reading about people having issues with Storyline just spinning with courses that have a lot of interactivity?

When playing the Storyline course within the frame are there ways to run reports or get results from the course in Canvas? Or do we have to get those items using the Storyline course itself?

Any other notes or things to know as a heads-up would be helpful as we are just getting started with a project using Storyline 2 and Canvas LMS.

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Hey Deactivated user​.

First off, yes you can embed content from other sites 1) If they offer embed code or 2) If they don't block being included in an iframe.

However, you will want to reference the "Browser Privacy Settings" section in the guide Which browsers does Canvas support? ​ because most likely the users web browsers will prevent the content from being loaded. This can sometimes be remedied by appending an "s" to the  url where it is normally "http"

The issue with multiple interactions sounds like an issue with Storyline2 and I can't really give you any guidance there.

As for reports, the only thing Canvas will be able to report on is which users went to the place that Storyline2 content is embedded. The rest would have to come from Storyline.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

EDIT: I found this support document from Articulate that may be of use to you: How to Embed Articulate Storyline Content into a Web Page | Storyline 2 | Articulate Support

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Will you be using this with a SCORM output as well? With the new SCORM capacity within Canvas, the Articulate file will play within Canvas as well as give you a column in the gradebook

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Here is some information about it:  Canvas Studio: SCORM

I've tested it on my own and it works great so far!   You can't get the robust reporting of Tin Can yet, but at least we are able to get SOMETHING back into the gradebook that can help justify expensive software like this  Smiley Happy

Thanks for chiming in on this  @James_Kocher_UF ​, I didn't have any direct experience with Storyline2 so I'm glad you could give some more specific advice.

Community Champion

I know before SCORM was available, Storyline outputs were hit or miss within the Canvas frame.  I haven't fully tested it out, but like I said, so far so good when imported as a SCORM object!

Hi James,

I have signed up for a free trial of Canvas today. However, I do not see the SCORM option in teaching mode. Am I missing something?


More than likely, it's NOT turned on for the free site.   Currently, customer success managers have to turn it on manually for each client.   Perhaps  @scottdennis ​ can give more info on if this is available for the trial accounts.


Hello Deactivated user​ and  @James_Kocher_UF ​,

I can confirmed that it is not turned on in the free demo accounts and won't be.  That is for financial reasons as it costs us on a per use basis.

Thanks for the clarification, Scott!