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Student Annotation: There was an error loading the document


Sorry. I haven't been on this community for some time. The new student annotation feature in Canvas is nice but there are errors students are running into. I tried Canvas support but we went round and round -- because they kept going in directions that had nothing to do with the error.

Students who are not present on the due date, and attempt to do the student annotation assignment after the due date receive an error "There was an error loading the document" rather than the PDF loading. I have a start from set but not a closing date. There is a due date set.

Tech support tried to say: refresh browser, clear cache, fix mastery path (there isn't one), have students submit first (they can't because the button is grayed out).

Anyway, is anyone struggling with this bug? Did you find a work around for the kids to complete the student annotation?

Update: I'm sorry. I forgot some information. The assignments are made available to 123 students, all using chromebooks issued by the district. Two students can attempt to load the same "late" assignment (a day or two after the due date). One student can get to the assignment and it loads, but another student in the same class, on the same day, will get the error. 

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I have the same issue. I've noticed it always comes up when students don't submit, and then Canvas assigns missing as "0" to that assignment. On the student page, it says "Attempt 1" and "Review Feedback" but there is nowhere to "Try Again" and the document doesn't appear. 

I've just tried adding "Upload" as an alternative submission type. That is an obvious workaround where students can download and re-upload their work like in previous years, but it may also get rid of that error??? I'll update after a week or so.