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Student Grade Page Update?

I and the staff I have trialling the new GradeBook love the new features, especially the ability to filter the GradeBook and control what you want to view. (Particularly by Assignment Group)

For courses (especially with larger gradebooks) these same filters would be really helpful in the Student Grade Page so that students (and observers/parents) can make more sense of the list of grades they see. As an example below is a Year 9 Course Page Student Grade list. (Mixture of summative and formative tasks, quizzes and discussions). 

Student Grade Page

As you can see from this its really difficult for a student or parent to see which grade belong to which categories and which task actually contribute to the overall course total.

A starting fix would be a simple CSS change to have the category totals displayed beneath the grades they represent instead of all at the bottom. But having more granular filters at the top would be even better. (Similar to the gradebook)

Just think that this should be done in conjunction with the Gradebook work if we are hoping to use Canvas as a genuine grade storing/reporting space.


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Community Team
Community Team


Thank you for this idea.  The current Gradebook scope does not include this feature.  Please take a few minutes to see if someone has submitted a similar idea in the‌.  If not, please go ahead and submit a new one!

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I have already created a feature idea but this currently only has 7 votes.. Smiley Sad not sure how to gain traction with this...


Community Champion

For what it's worth, I just voted for this...

Community Participant

I've added this as an idea again as the last one got moved to cold storage...