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Student Grades Page: Score Column Empty

We are experiencing a strange issue for students on Chromebooks.

When the students click the "Grades" link in the sidebar, they can view the grades page for their course.  The only problem is that the "Score" column is completely blank.  (not even showing dashes for ungraded assignments)

When clicking in the score column, the row will expand as though it is making room for the what-if score box, but no input box is visible.

This is issue is only happening when a student is logged into the Chromebook and trying to view grades.  (It does not occur when "Acting As" a student in Canvas admin)
The display worked correctly for students on older versions of Chrome OS, but the display works fine for teachers on this current version of Chrome OS.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? 
Working with Canvas support, we have ensured that all necessary sites/addresses are whitelisted, but the behavior is persisting.

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