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Student Self-Dropped From Course In Error, How To Restore

In error, a student self-dropped a course and no longer appears in the Canvas Course, People. 

The student still appears in Canvas Catalog with a Dropped status.   Yet, I don't believe the fee was automatically refunded.

As an Admin, is there a way to restore the student dropped course?  If so, will it also change their status in Canvas Catalog back to Active?

If no to restoring.  What is the best way to get the student back into the course? 

+People?  Which will still reflect the student in Canvas Catalog with Dropped status.

Refund original order transaction in Canvas Catalog and have the student re-enroll and pay?  Which, now in Canvas Catalog, the student name will appear twice, one with Dropped status and another with an Active status.

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@RebeccaFrakes I notice no one else has  chimed in so I thought I would give it a try.  On your Catalog, do you have the option turned on to "sync canvas enrollments to Catalog"?

You can just use the + People button to add the student back which will restore him, just not sure if have the option I mentioned above turned on will fix the "dropped" status being reflected.  It looks like it worked when I tested it but it might just be the fact I am an admin.


I can second @nwilson7 generally adding them back in with the same email they were added in with before restores their profile and work in canvas. I have had to do this a few times with students that were switched in and out of my course.