Student access to prior submissions (and feedback?) via app

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I don't have a handy, live student to test this with just now. Can someone confirm whether it's true that students can see their earlier submissions for a re-submitted assignment AND the teacher's earlier feedback (via annotations) if they use the APP instead of a BROWSER?

Regarding student access to prior submissions for a re-submitted assignment, Catherine Carney wrote to Nancy Webb in Student view: View submissions and comments for all submissions in Ideas (Tue, May 19, 2020 at 10:32 PM😞

"on the app version, they can see all their submissions"

Really? I had no idea this workaround existed for students to see earlier submissions. Woww. Hoping this includes my annotations. Which I've been downloading and attaching to an Assignment Comment when they ask. This would be a big deal for my classes.

I see this referenced here, too: 

I had thought student access to only the last submission was the state of affairs across the board, for both browser and app versions of Canvas.

How do I submit an online assignment?

Under Notes, at the bottom: "When you resubmit an assignment, you can only access and view your most recent submission. However, instructors can view all of your submissions."