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Student app calendar view - date moves to the next day

A student has reported a case - Canvas Student app v 6.14.1
When I tap on this symbol "v", next to the name of the month, the display alternates between month and week.
The month still shows November, but the date moves to the right.
Wednesday the 3rd of November changes to Thursday the 3rd of November.
What is going on? See attached picture.
I have tried to reinstall the app. This also occurs on a mobile that has installed the canvas student app for the first time.
What am I missing here, a whole day?
This happens on Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Android-v11), Samsung S6 Edge (Android-v7)

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Community Coach
Community Coach

This is weird indeed. This might need to be reported to Canvas support. Before you do that, an update to the app was released on 11/29/2021. I would check that first to see if it's been fixed. Let us know you find out.