Student assignments not showing up in speed grader

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Students have submitted an assignment, and it shows that I can download them. However, whenever I go to the speed grader, only the test student shows up. 

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Encountered this issue as well and a colleague helped me out. It is nothing to do with SpeedGrader, but rather your Gradebook. Ensure there are no filters set there.

In my instance, the students from a previous study period were concluded and reverted to a different section. The filter that I had on still showed all their grades as it is but IT support had moved them to a concluded status. Because Gradebook still has its filters set, SpeedGrader I reckon is tied to it and will only project students/submissions based on that filter, hence why on the 'test student' was showing.

Removing any/all filters on Gradebook solved my problem instantly, and hope it does for any of you encountering this issue too.

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