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Student assignments not showing up in speed grader

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Students have submitted an assignment, and it shows that I can download them. However, whenever I go to the speed grader, only the test student shows up. 

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Encountered this issue as well and a colleague helped me out. It is nothing to do with SpeedGrader, but rather your Gradebook. Ensure there are no filters set there.

In my instance, the students from a previous study period were concluded and reverted to a different section. The filter that I had on still showed all their grades as it is but IT support had moved them to a concluded status. Because Gradebook still has its filters set, SpeedGrader I reckon is tied to it and will only project students/submissions based on that filter, hence why on the 'test student' was showing.

Removing any/all filters on Gradebook solved my problem instantly, and hope it does for any of you encountering this issue too.

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I am having the same problem.. Students are submitting .docx and .pdf, and they used to show up but they have disappeared from doc viewer in speed grader. I can only download the files. 

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Try clearing any filters you have set on your Gradebook. Problem for me stemmed from there. Explanation is on page 2 of this forum's post.

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Hi Trash3r3r,

I tried clearing filters on Gradebook, and that didn't work.

My school suggested clearing cache, removing cookies and any extensions blocking cookies. That also didn't work. I've been using Speed Grader in Firefox as a workaround, but I want to know how to get it back in Chrome.

Other ideas?

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Our district staff is experiencing a similar problem. Last week, they could see the Office cloud docs render in the DocViewer and this week it is not working. This seems to be a problem for several other external tools that we have integrated. 

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This fixed the issue for me! Thanks!

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I'm not sure if this issue was ever resolved but I want to share what my district has experienced.

If we assign anything to certain groups/sections of students, and not "everyone" then speed grader and the grade book don't show grades or student work. Once we assign to "everyone" then we are able to see student submissions.

For example: I assigned a study guide to my period 2 students to submit by Thursday. I wanted period 3 to submit by Friday, but I forgot to assign to them. I could not see any submissions until I assigned to period 3.

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I just encountered this with a teacher. As another person said, it had to do with the filters in her gradebook. I could see the assignments fine as the Admin, but not when "Acting as" her. The issue was that in her gradebook, she had the filter set to only view a particular section of her course. So when she went to SpeedGrader, she could see that section's assignments, but no assignments from other sections.  I went in and changed the gradebook filter to view "All Sections" and that fixed the problem.

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