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Student can only access Canvas courses if I remove and re-add them

I'm new to being a Canvas admin so I'm hoping someone else here has some experience with this.

I have a student whose information was pulled from the SIS incorrectly (it had her last name where her first name should be). To correct this, we created a new user in the system with the correct name and merged the two users together. I believe I followed the merge procedure correctly, but she was then unable to access her courses in Canvas. After trying a few different things, I removed her from the class, manually re-added her, and she was then able to access the course without any problems.

After the weekend, she's now facing the same problems again. It would appear that removing and re-adding is only a temporary fix. I think once she logs out of Canvas and tries to log back in, the error reappears and she's no longer able to access her courses.

I'm really at a loss here. I can't remove and re-add her in the middle of a semester without also deleting all her progress in the course. Any advice on what to look for to fix this? I don't believe it's any kind of hardware/software issue on her end as she was able to access her courses for a couple days.

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I talked to someone else in person and they said it might be something to do with the active registry (?) not synching up properly. Either way, I was able to fix the problem.

I went to the student's profile, clicked the edit button on their login information, and created a password for them. I sent them an email with the login and password (it was still using the old, incorrect email address) and they were then able to log in.

Hopefully this can help someone else who runs into the problem down the road.