Student exam answers disappeared after changing an exam date

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I recently set an exam for my students and one student needed to do the exam the next day. The other students submitted their exam in the original time period. I then changed the exam date and time (to the next day) just for the student with the extension and it appears that all the other students' exams have now disappeared; I can't find them in Speed grader for that exam. It looks like the exam was reset to be an exam only for that one student on the new date. Can anyone help? Will the students have their answers saved somewhere or have I inadvertently caused a disaster?

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@MichaelCh  I'm guessing that when you assigned the quiz to the one student, you also removed Everyone from the Assigned to field. Fortunately, there's an easy fix for that: navigate back to the assignment and restore Everyone. Students' previous submissions and grades should then return.

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@MichaelCh  The Edit Due and Availability Dates section of  How do I assign an assignment to an individual stu...  should help illustrate this: add Everyone Else in the lower field, using the original dates for the quiz/exam, to restore the submissions.

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