Student quiz answers not saved

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Today I gave a final with about 140 questions, mostly multiple choice, with free response at the end using new quizzes. One of my students submitted her test and I noticed in the moderate view that it said her score was 0%. I went to view her attempt and it appeared as if she had answered none of the questions.

The log captured her system details and showed that she started the quiz right on time and submitted it 1 hour and 38 minutes later. The log does not show any evidence of her answering or viewing the questions.

My students have been taking online assessments with new quizzes all year and this has only happened 1 other time before- and to the same student! She is using Chrome on a Mac. 

I have no doubt that she would have attempted to answer the questions on the final before submitting it.

Could using an incognito tab cause this problem? Or some security setting in Chrome? Or maybe having more than one quiz tab open? Unfortunately she is a remote student, so I couldn't watch what she was doing!

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