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Student quiz submissions appearing after the assigned until date to be graded

It has been twelve days since the end of the quarter and the assigned until date in which students cannot access and submit a quiz.  On this day, I received over 150 quiz submissions to be graded from 30 different assignments.  These did not appear yesterday, as the to do list was empty.  It shows that the submissions occurred on the date and time they were locked, but they did not appear on my to do list until twelve days later.  After researching speedgrader and moderations, my assumptions are that these are quiz attempts that were not completed and never submitted by the student.  It creates a problem due to grades being finalized for the quarter and then the auto-submission of quizzes that were partially completed.  Students have an argument that it was submitted as shown on speedgrader by the assigned until date, but the teacher did not receive the auto-submission in a timely manner.

Is the problem an offline submission that is server-based preferences ?  Is there an auto-submission feature for quizzes at the time the quiz is closed ?  What is causing the delay to appear for the teacher's to do list ?

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