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Student seeing blank dashboard + blank courses but access to student email

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Hi all,

One of my students is seeing grayed out boxes when clicking through to the 'dashboard'.

This is also the case when they try to access a course. The tabs on the left hand side are visible and clickable but there is only greyed out content when accessed.

The student only has access to their canvas 'email' tab and can see all the community email and send and receive. 
They have tried a diff browser, updated their browser, updated their comp. They are finding it difficult to access it through their mobile device.

None of my other students are experiencing this outage of access.

Does anyone have any thoughts at all and any tips or advice for going forward?

Many thanks in advance

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Community Coach

Hi @tlcsupport,

In the scenario where the student has already tried multiple browsers with no change, I would say it points to the issue either being their network connection, their operating system version itself, or some kind of security/antivirus/antimalware software installed on the system (since that would affect all browsers).

I would suggest asking the student what operating system they are currently running.  Also ask if they have any kind of security software installed.  A 3rd thing you could ask if whether they have any browser extensions installed (perhaps there is a problematic extension they have installed in multiple different browsers).

I hope this guidance helps you a bit!


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My suggestion would be to see if the student can try it on another computer. If it works there, you've clearly identified something on their computer as being the issue.

If the other computer doesn't work but is at the same location, it may be something specific to the network. Perhaps DNS settings on the router or some sort of proxy which is interfering.


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