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I finished building my first module.  I have a simple assignment in the module with a due date 2 weeks from now.  I created a student account so I could access the module and to make sure there were no problems..... I did the assignment (1 question in google forms, external link) and submitted it.... well it never show up as being submitted... i hit the speed grade thing as a teacher and it said the student hasnt submitted anything.

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When I am in the instructor view, the assignment isnt there... so I have 2 computers.... 1 logged into the teacher account the other to the student account.

the module and assignment was imported from Canvas Commons, so it was someone else google form.... does that matter?  I would think that the links would be updated.

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Hi  @foutsd ...

Even if the content you have in your course was from someone else that you got from Canvas Commons, the fact that you say it's a Google Form leads me to believe that the original instructor intended for the assignment to be submitted via Google (and he/she collected those responses by signing in to Google instead of Canvas).  So, if you tested out the assignment by filling out the Google form, your responses may have been submitted to that instructor.

This is all really speculation, though, because I cannot see your course or get access to your school's Canvas environment.  Most Community members only have access to their own school's Canvas environment and courses.

I hope this will help a bit, David.

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