Student view - Can they display letter grades as well as points?

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Our students want to be able to see letter grades as well as points. Is there a feature teachers or administrators can enable?


I'm not talking about a final percentage in the class, but rather, right next to the assignment - seeing that letter grade.

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Instructure Alumni

@bhaus  I apologize that your question has been sitting out here for so long without a response! The answer to your question is yes: this is possible. Instructors can create their own grading scheme and can enable it on an assignment by selecting Letter Grade in the Display Grade as field in the settings for the assignment; they then select the grading scheme they want to use for that assignment. When grading, the instructor will still enter points for the assignment—out of 100 is easiest—and the student's grades page will automatically display the letter grade associated with the points the student earned for that assignment.

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