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Student worker course role/privileges

We currently use work-study students in our online program to perform certain routine tasks in our master courses and our courses in development. They do not have the same admin access to Canvas that our IDs and other online team members do, but we assign them tasks that requires access to all types of course content. They do not have access to any live courses due to FERPA, and the divide between live courses and master our development courses is managed through sub account access or direct enrollment into specific courses. 

Lately we’ve been wondering if this is enough and are looking at options to ensure the integrity of course content these student workers are privileged to access. We haven’t had any issues so far (student selling tests and answers, for example) and want to keep it that way. 

How do you handle student workers with access to Canvas courses? Do you have student workers sign non-disclosure agreements regarding the content they access? Do you use any custom roles or permissions for student workers in Canvas? Any other considerations? Any issues you’ve experienced that you’ve learned from?

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