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Students Not Seeing Images I have Imbedded Into A Quiz


I have imbedded images into selected questions on a quiz. In order for students to see the image it seems that I must give students permission to the image within FILES. The functionality within FILES allows me to give permission to the images for a limited amount of time. I like this because I don't have to be concerned about students seeing the images prior to the exam but I want to confirm that giving permission to the images is the method for letting students see the image in the quiz.

Thank you.

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Community Coach


Yes that is correct; if the images are no published under files they will not display embedded in the quiz.  But, instead of using the Date restriction option I suggest using the "Only available to students with link" feature.  This makes it so that students will never see the images if they go to Files in your course, but will always see the images if linked to or embedded.  Better yet, create a folder and then you only have to set the permissions on that.  I'll often create a folder in my courses named either Secure, or Quiz Images.  I set the permissions on that folder to "Only available to students with link" and then place files in it that I don't want students to stumble upon before I want them to be available. 


Thank you Rick!

Regarding the option, "Only available to students with link": Does the "link" refer to the image link imbedded in the quiz question?

One last question: If I enter comments in the "additional comments" field when I grade a quiz, I am expecting the students to be able to see these comments once I post grades. Perhaps those "additional comments" are meant for comments pertaining to the question while students are taking the quiz....

Can I not use them for grading comments?



Yes, link also refers to items that are embedded in a quiz question.

That field is meant for you to provide feedback to the student.  So they will be able to see those comments after you've grade, provided that your quiz settings are set to show them.  I believe you would need to have checked "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)".  If you currently have that unchecked it's fine, but when you are ready to let students review and see your feedback you'll want to edit the quiz and check the box.


Thank you Rick!

You've been most helpful.

I'm down to the wire converting all of my final exams to Canvas as our campus remains closed.

I take comfort that I may not be alone!

Have a relaxing Sunday.


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Try going to the Quiz itself and clicking Edit.  Do you see a Mastery Paths tab across the top like this?


If so try setting it up from there.


Morning Rick,

We apparently do not have that functionality in our version of Canvas.

I should be ok otherwise.

Thank you!