Students Who Switch Sections Have Access to Previous Section's Content

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I have had the experience where students who move from one section (within the same Canvas class) to another, still have access to all content that has been specifically assigned to their previous section. I learned that this can occur when a student's enrollment in the section they switched from is set to be "completed" as opposed to being "deleted". 

Due to the benefits that the completed status allows (the gradebook retaining the records of students who temporarily drop a course or who switch sections within the same course), the classes I work with must stick to using the "completed" option. 

I wanted to ask if it there is a way for students with the completed status for a section, to automictically lose access to all content assigned to that previous section (or if there is not currently a way to have this occur automatically, if it would be possible to request this feature)? 

Thank you! 

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