Students can still see their score on New Quizzes?

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I used New Quizzes today for the first time. I like it! I did not want my students to see their score after taking the quiz, so I checked the appropriate boxes. See below.

Unfortunately, when a student finishes the quiz, and goes back to the Assignments page, the score is listed right under the title of the Assignment. See picture. 

Is this avoidable?

Thanks for your help!


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Thanks for the reply. This is just the view I could get from my side. The students have shown me on their end and it does show their score. Sorry, I just included the picture so you knew which part of Canvas I was referring to.

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Please also submit this to support so that our product team will be alerted to it.  thank you.

To submit a support ticket use the help menu on the left hand side of Canvas and select 'report a problem'

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