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I am an instructor. I have posted all grades for a quiz, but my students still cannot see them. They are not hidden; they are not muted. I have gone to course settings to make certain the Hide totals in student grades summary is unchecked. My 'instructor view' page is showing me that every student should be able to see their grade. Some students can see their grade, but not the quiz or my comments. Other students can see nothing except, "Quiz results are protected for this quiz and are not visible to students." 

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@Tandie What you are describing definitely sounds like a hidden grade issue.

I am not sure what exactly you performed, but just as a check, from the gradebook, select on the options for the assignment and make sure that the grade posting policy is automatic.  Also check to see if the post grade option is available - if it is post the grades.  You may have posted some grades, but not all of them.  If you have a grayed out "all grades posted", then it is something else that I cannot think of right off hand.

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