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Students not appearing in PeerMark Distribution

Has anyone experienced setting up PeerMark on an assignment, but the entire student list doesn't appear when you click Discussion from PeerMark Setup? I have a course where only two students appear (both with a last name that starts with an A).

I opened a ticket with Canvas, but was told to open a ticket with Turnitin. I opened a ticket with Turnitin, but I never had good luck with those.


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I am not sure what  you mean by "click Discussion," Sarah. Could you provide more detail or, even better, post some screenshots? Also, can you tell me your goal? Are you wanting to manually assign critiques to each student?

I meant when you click Distribution, not Discussion. Man, I have a case of the Mondays. Here is a screenshot. Only two students appear in the list of authors, but there are seven total in the course.


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Okay. Yes, I have seen that, but since I have the system automatically assign reviews, I have never worried about it, and none of my students have had problems with giving or receiving reviews. Although, I am not sure when the Turnitin LTI generates the roster for each assignment or how. I would like to know that. :smileyconfused:

I have a support ticket open with Turnitin. Unfortunately, I've never had a good experience with Turnitin support. I'll keep you posted.


I ended up closing my ticket with Turnitin. I checked the assignment, and all the students appeared. I don't know if Turnitin released a fix, or what. I haven't heard anything from the instructor that it's not working as expected.


 @shouts , thanks for updating the thread. I've moved the discussion into "Assumed Answered" status. If you ever hear from Turnitin, please take a moment to commemorate that momentous occasion here! Smiley Wink

Will do!