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Students posting images to the Discussion Board

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I ask my students to find and post images to the discussion board.  Most have no problem finding images and embedding them as an image (rather than a link to an image).  This semester it seems that more students are having difficulty with this, particularly my Mac users.  I have posted how to instructions and have a Discussion Board open where they can help each other.  Any instructions, steps, or hints would be appreciated

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Hi Stefanie,

They all seem to have it mastered now. I copied the suggestions that the canvas community shared into my course so I will share them with next semester's students as well.

Was there something that I was supposed to respond to?

Thank you for the support.

Teri Umhauer

Fashion Industries Instructor

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Community Team
Community Team

 @tumhauer , many students have problems with this intricate process; it is easy to miss a step. Can you confirm that your students are following these steps?

1. Click on your name at the upper right of the Canvas screen

2. Click on the Files tab in the left navigation

3. Click on the blue Upload button in the upper right corner of the screen

4. Browse through your computer files to select your photo(s) (must be of an image file type: .jpg or .png, for example)

5. Navigate back to this course, and then to the discussion in which you are going to post

6. Click on Reply to start a new post

7. Click on the Embed Image icon (little tree)

8. Click on the Canvas tab and then on My Files (or to the specific folder to which you uploaded your photo)

9. Find your photo and click on it; if you'd like, enter dimensions for the photo (or you can resize it later and before you click Post Reply)

10. Click the blue Update button at the lower left

11. Done!

Also,  @scottdennis ​ made a screencast of the steps for those who prefer to follow a visual reenactment of the process.

For those students who are experiencing difficulty with this, can you identify which step in the process is failing?

Community Contributor

For one of our courses, students are given an option to include a map in their discussion post. Here are instructions we've written to help them: Canvas: Adding Image to Discussion Post - Google Docs Here's a video we created: MHCDS | Adding Image to Discussion Post

Knock on wood, but most of our students have done this without our help and just using the instructions.

I hope this helps.

Community Team
Community Team

You will find great conversation and tips here:

Add your vote and expand on the idea.  Don't forget to bookmark and follow this idea to receive updates as they are available.

Hi Stefanie,

Thank you for the support. I have posted your list of instructions on the Canvas and will let you know about any feedback.

My class is an online class so it hard to tell whether they are following the directions to the letter. I have tried to determine where the hang ups are. The main thing I have discovered is that it is the Mac computers that don't play well with Canvas.

The other thing that I have noticed is that sometimes students who struggle to post something can post it but then it disappears. I first had this last semester. Student would post an image. Classmates would comment on it in the DB and when I went in to grade it there was no picture. I started to pay attention to this and saw myself that some pictures disappeared. Now when I scroll through the submits I try to make a note of the image in the comments section in case it disappears.

Thank you for your support.

Teri Umhauer

Fashion Industries Instructor

 @tumhauer , I feel your pain. My classes are all also fully online and troubleshooting the image upload process is a challenge. I require students to upload images to their very first discussion posts (in an ungraded discussion assignment), since they will be using the same process throughout the course, so that I can tackle the problem and resolve issues early. At the same time, I usually have a separate discussion designated for general or technical issues in the course, and that's where I work with students who are having difficulty getting their images to embed in their discussion posts. I can see that in your field having images in discussions is going to be a key element of rich participation, so I hope you can get this sorted!

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In the classes I create, I have the students embed a picture in their introduction forum.  It's a collage of themselves that they create.  They LOVE this because, as you know, they are an over-sharing generation!

But the real reason I started this was to make sure they know how to do it right away because in some of my classes, they'll be doing this all semester.  This way you can help the few who don't/can't follow the directions to do it right for next time!

Hi James,

That is what I do also to be sure we work through all of the image sharing issues in week 1. I only ask them for one image to keep the stress level low. I explain that there may be issues and that is the time we work through them. I have detailed instructions on "how to" and I have a discussion board where they can talk to each other and offer helpful hints to each other. This semester it seems that I have more challenged students in spite of a compiled list of helpful suggestions that I have built over 6 semesters.

Thank you for your support.

Teri Umhauer

Fashion Industries Instructor

Oh, it's only one image for us too.  The 5 images are part of a collage using a collage maker   Smiley Happy


 @tumhauer ​, now that a week has gone by, how's this going? Have students gotten the hang of the process? Please let us know! And would you be so kind as to mark the response of your choice with the "Correct Answer" designation?