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Students posting images to the Discussion Board

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I ask my students to find and post images to the discussion board.  Most have no problem finding images and embedding them as an image (rather than a link to an image).  This semester it seems that more students are having difficulty with this, particularly my Mac users.  I have posted how to instructions and have a Discussion Board open where they can help each other.  Any instructions, steps, or hints would be appreciated

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Community Team
Community Team

 @tumhauer , since we haven't heard back from you, we're going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered." The discussion remains open for participation, so feel free to continue to post updates on your student's progress in mastering this tricky process.

Hi Stefanie,

They all seem to have it mastered now. I copied the suggestions that the canvas community shared into my course so I will share them with next semester's students as well.

Was there something that I was supposed to respond to?

Thank you for the support.

Teri Umhauer

Fashion Industries Instructor

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 @tumhauer , we were checking in to see how your students are taking to the upload image procedure, and I'm glad to know they have mastered it! Thanks for providing the update.

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This question has emerged from one of my students as well.  The trick to embedding an image into the content editor seems to be solved only by going up to the Images tab in the sidebar-- which could be way far away from the content editor-- and uploading a new image.  I think this is a funky and non-user friendly way to do this.  Instead, allow the user to click the "embed" icon, and then see a button-- co-located with the other selections in the "Insert/Edit Image" window-- that provides the ability to upload an image from the computer. See the screenshot I'm suggesting....  or-- how about this!-- replace the prompt with the "Insert Image" tool that I used to upload the image below!  (see lower screenshot).


Alternate choice (which I like better).


GGummess​, your feedback and screenshots are extremely valuable--I would love to see that upload prompt for students!--and I hope you will add them to the wildly popular feature idea that is still open for voting and in the Under Consideration stage:

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Thanks for the link  @sanders3 , however I think that link is like two years old and your reply is like a year old so....... Is this still on the radar or did it get developed and I missed it? 


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The feature is still on Product Radar and has been receiving new comments, including some from Instructure employees as recently as August 23, 2017. It doesn't look like it because of pagination and the comments being listed in chronological order with the oldest ones first. Scroll to the bottom of the discussion on the first page and then click on the arrows to go to the last page.  It looks like this:252009_pastedImage_1.png

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Thanks James. I totally missed the pagination.

Wrong Stephanie Sanders, I am not a student and my names is Stephanie not Stefanie

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Sorry about that. My bad…have a good day.


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