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Students turning in a google drive document via Canvas

I've read that it's possible for a student to turn in a google document as an assignment submission, but I don't know how to make that work.  Please refer to what I pasted below.  Any suggestions?   

File Uploads [4]: Students can upload a file to fulfill the assignment. Note that if your institutio...connect to Google Docs as a web service to submit an assignment as a Google Doc, Google Sheet, or Google Slide. However, t...

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Community Team
Community Team

 @skreitzer , admins can enable the Google Docs integration for Collaborations (see What integrations are or can be enabled with Canvas?), but I believe that enabling Google Drive for assignment submissions is an account-level permission that must be done by your CSM. I've reached out to someone who I hope can verify this.

Hi stefaniesanders

As far as I know, institutional admin users (aka not only CSMs) can activate "Google Docs Preview" under Enabled Web Services in the settings of their account, thereby making the submit Google docs option available to users who have authorized access to their Google account.

While it never hurts to reach out to your CSM to make sure all the settings are properly worked out (and for testing against your workflow), I believe that a site admin will have the permissions needed to make this work.

Thank you,  @scottdennis ​ and Deactivated user​!

Community Contributor

Thanks for the responses.  I'll explore this some more.