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Students unable to register

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Since yesterday, none of my new students have been able to register for Canvas accounts. When they enter their information on the registration page and click "start" nothing happens at all. I tried to register a test student with the same result. I've been using the platform for 2 years and have never experienced this and haven't changed any settings. The problem is with all of my classes, not just one. Students who are already in courses have been able to log in. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Johanna,

Can you tell us a little more about your workflow in inviting students to join your course? In creating a new course using a join URL, I tried enrolling as a new student and cannot replicate this behavior. Can you include any screenshots of the registration page you are using?



Screencastify Link  will show you the problem I am having on my end.  Students enter the join code, their information, password, etc.  Hit the terms and conditions button and nothing happens.  I hit is repeatedly.  

Go to :30 in the video to see the issues.  Hope this helps as I have a bunch of students trying to join this course now.

I've been in on this thread since Saturday and have submitted a job ticket.  Thanks

This is exactly what is happening for me. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Hi, Erin. Please take a look at Chris Rolwes post below this one. He shared a video of what is happening. 

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In Erin's response above, she suggested using the URL signup.  That sign up seems to be working.  I was able to create a phantom student account and it allowed for the registration to the course.  Instead of creating an account, try that other way of signing up for a course.  Hope this helps you all.

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Thanks, Chris. The workflow you showed is from our corporate website. I'll see if we can figure out what's going on.


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i need help register a class but i have the mobile app but its not showing me classes