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Studio Insights affected by viewing speed?

Does the speed a video is viewed at affect the Insights? There is a faculty who has tried viewing videos at high speed and didn't see the high-speed time showing up.

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Hello @stacy_jones ...

I do not believe that Canvas Studio Insights provide data on the video playback speed.  That's not something that is provided in Insights.  Insights are a way to see which of your students are watching the videos...and which students are not watching your videos.  You can also tell which parts of your videos that your students may be skipping over.  How do I view user insights and analytics for medi... - Canvas Community

I hope this helps a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this.  Stay safe, and be well.

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Why do some students not show up as having watched a video in "insights" when they have?  I have cross-verified their claimed viewing with their "access report."  There is something that happens periodically that prevents "insights" from recording their viewing.  I've posted about this elsewhere and not received answers in response.

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I have noticed that Insights does not display results right away.  I have used a student account (test one that I created), and nothing is logged within the first few hours.  So I am waiting to see if or when the Insights statistics will show up. 

I am using this as a control, as I am aware of views of other videos that display no insights and some that do, despite both videos being watched.