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I am working with an instructor who is using Chrome to upload a lecture to Studio.  I walked through the process with him and after selecting the media file he gets the card for video showing Uploading; however, there isn't a progress bar and he has left it open for a very long time with it never changing.

I had him upload his video via the Media Recording tool in the RCE and that worked but not into Studio.

Is there some troubleshooting I can try on his computer as I am not able to recreate the issue?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Sam


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Community Team
Community Team

@bacherts Thank you for reaching out to your community for support. There are a variety of factors that can prevent a video from loading.

Here are a few things you can try:

-Clearing the cache and cookies in the browser. Here are our guides for Macs and PCs.

-As @rislis you can also try to click the 3 dots as it will sometimes start playing the video.

- Test this in another browser.

-Check the network speed. If it is stuck on the uploading screen and you do not see the green progress bar, there may be a problem with the speed. Although if you are able to upload it using the RCE, I am not sure what would be causing you to upload it one way but not another. 

If you continue to experience this behavior, I recommend reaching out to your IT help desk or Canvas support for more assistance.

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