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Studio Video Quiz Insights

I made a studio quiz for one of my classes and there are lots of students showing up in the "Insights" category. All of my students from a completely different canvas course are showing up there and now there are students I have never heard of. 

Is there any way I can manage (edit/delete) the students who show up in the "Insights" part where I check to see their progression on the video?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @whitec3 ...

I'm not sure this is possible in the Studio "Insights" tab.  I do know, however, that you should be able to do some basic filtering of the "Insights" per course (where the Studio video is embedded in your course).  How do I view user insights and analytics for medi... - Canvas Community  Check out the section on "Select Course" in that Guide.  You'll see that you can select your courses from a drop-down list to filter your "Insights".

I'm not sure if this will totally answer your question, but I hope it will help in some way.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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