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Submission API - wrong Attempt

Canvas API question : 


 if this includes a return of Submission History , then i can see all the Attempts on a Quiz.

But i am noticing that the Attempt in the Canvas application does NOT match what I am getting back from the API?


See below that the application has my last Attempt as 524.

BUT the API link above returns submission history with the 524 Attempt as 535??? I do see the "preview_url" is containing the correct attempt as version=525?

[submitted_at] => 2020-10-19T12:38:20Z
[assignment_id] => 1375
[user_id] => 9
[submission_type] => online_quiz
[workflow_state] => pending_review
[grade_matches_current_submission] => 1
[graded_at] => 2020-10-19T12:40:12Z
[grader_id] => -1886
[attempt] => 535
[preview_url] =>

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 9.45.43 AM.png

ALSO - is the "submitted_at" returned as UTC? or the users timezone?

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