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Submitting Assignment when set up as Not Graded

I am looking to set up an ungraded assignment in which the students can still submit an assignment to Canvas.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi mlabbett 

Relatively easy, and something I routinely do.  You can learn how at How do I exclude an assignment from the course's final grades?  

The pertinent quote to what I think you are trying to do is,

"When creating an assignment, you can choose to not count assignments toward the final grade. This feature allows you to provide feedback for assignments without the assignment counting toward Gradebook calculations."

I hope this is helpful,


Community Participant

Yes, I can do that, but I dont want it to appear that any points, including zero points, are eligible.  I just want an ungraded assignment to he able to submit a file. Hopefully this can be added to the Canvas updates!

I know that this conversation has bee quiet for a bit, but I had an idea -- What if you establish the assignment with a complete/incomplete mark in the gradebook AND not count it from the gradebook calculations? It wouldn't show up as any value of points -- just "complete" or "incomplete".