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Suddenly missing 'show question details' in test bank , info and screen shots in post, thanks for any help, Kathy


I am working on my quizzes in Question Banks  and can no longer see the choice:

"Show Question Details"

in either firefox nor chrome. I have tried also on a Mac and PC.

I have checked another question bank in the same course and also a question bank in different course and it is not showing up in either place.

It was just there the other day/ last week - and was very helpful. But now it is no longer there.

In looking at a recent  update for oct 8th

it appears Canvas did something in quiz banks on oct. 8th. It states it made 'show question details' there - but it was already there for me over the past couple of months/ so I must be missing something.

In the  image on this page where it describes the update  (linked above)  it still shows the text

"show question details"

but  on my quiz bank  I can no longer see it - Over the past 2 months I have been working with multiple  quiz banks so this is new and sudden difference.

Other things are not working well either - for example when i create a question, after clicking 'update question' , it shows all of the answers whereas before it would just show the question and minimize the space where the answers were.  When I close out of Canvas and then reopen canvas and reopen the quiz bank, then the answers are as expected but after I first create the question, and then update, it is not minimized.

I'm on a Windows 7 PC with latest Chrome and Firefox.

Here is an image of what I see.

Thanks! Kathy

Below is the screen shot with no ""Show Question Details" showing.

test bank no show details oct 11 2016.jpg

Below is what it should look like:

test bank how it should look.jpg

See the box next to Show Question Details? It is missing on my test banks now and it used to not.

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I do not have a whole lot of experience working with question banks,  @kathy_arnold ​, but one quick thought--since you said you are still working on them--is if the banks have gone over 50 questions.  Once a bank hits 50 questions, that checkbox disappears.  This has been raised in this now-archived Feature Idea: and many of us hope that Canvas is (as their reply implies) indeed working on this.

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Thanks, Ken. I am new to Canvas 🙂 and yes, my bank that I was working on has more than 50 questions.

I had created 2 other test banks (during sept and oct) , one with 70 and one with 99 that the 'show question details' had never disappeared so this took me by surprise. So it looks like I 'lucked out' earlier on.

I do indeed hope that Canvas will raise this limit as well, Kathy

As a new Canvas user, I am continually amazed that they want us to "vote" on common-sense features.

This is the most frustrating software I've used in a long time. Want to be able to do tasks available in most programs 20 years ago? Just make a suggestion.

Hi,  @dwaggle  Welcome to the Canvas Community! You may not be aware that you've commented on a conversation that took place over two years ago. Since that time, (1) the idea linked in the comments was implemented and (2) Canvas has built a new quiz engine, Quizzes.Next. If you'd like to explore the new quiz features, please have a look through the Quizzes.Next User Group‌ to learn more.

That's good news, but it doesn't appear that I have access to this at my school.  I verified that I cannot see question details in question banks of more than 50 questions.

 @dwaggle , yes, that's accurate: in the legacy version of Canvas Quizzes, the question bank limit remains. No limit exists in Quizzes.Next item banks.

Quizzes.Next is in general availability, which means any paid Canvas account (including your own) theoretically has access to it; that said, it first has to be enabled at the account level before instructors can start using it in their courses. If you do not see the option to turn on Quizzes.Next in the settings of your course(s), please reach out to your school's Canvas admin for additional guidance. I recommend that people try it out in a sandbox course before using it in a live course; the tool was built from the ground up and is significantly different from the legacy quiz feature.

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Thanks.  I did find Quizzes.Next available in the Feature Options section. I flipped the switch and nothing happened, so I did a quick search on what I should expect.  I found this list at Indiana University About Canvas Quizzes.Next  (Not my school.)  Based on this, I will pass on Next for now.

  • Quizzes.Next quizzes cannot be shared with other courses via course import, course export, course copy, or blueprint courses.
  • Quizzes created in Canvas Quizzes cannot be migrated to Quizzes.Next in bulk. It is possible to migrate them one at a time. See How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to Quizzes.Next? 
  • Question banks created in Canvas Quizzes cannot be migrated to Quizzes.Next.
  • Scientific notation is not supported in responses to numeric questions.
  • It is not possible to create question groups that are not linked to an item bank. There is, however, a new item type called a "stimulus " type that allows a group of questions to be associated with a block of content.
  • Instructors cannot grant additional attempts on a per-student basis.
  • Instructors cannot hide quiz feedback from students.

 @dwaggle ‌, flicking the switch doesn't transform Classic Quizzes into Quizzes.Next. It's an entirely separate tool—it's an LTI, so the quizzes are created in Assignments predicated on the External Tool type. The new tool co-exists alongside the legacy tool, so if you'd like, you can start building quizzes using the new tool while keeping them unpublished. 

And the information you provided is essentially a copy-paste from the resources we provide in the Quizzes.Next User Group‌. Some of that static information is out of date. Since the FAQ and documentation here in the Canvas Community are continuously updated, we recommend that our members follow Quizzes.Next Feature Comparison and FAQ: Quizzes.Next as well as the group itself for updates.