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Syllabus - Course Summary Dates

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OK, very weird situation here.      One of our instructors is seeing due dates for all course assignments, etc. in the Course Summary in the Syllabus area exactly 1 day prior to the actual due date in the course.     The time zone is set to Central Time, which is the same time zone as the course is set to... which is the same time zone that our entire instance is set to.

Any ideas?    The instructor has tried different computers and browsers and is getting same issue.

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Hi Everyone, 

I spoke with Canvas Support yesterday and it looks like there is a bug that occurs when a users computer time zone is east of the time zone within Canvas. In our case we are seeing the issue when users who have a computer set in eastern time zone but have their profile timezone set to central (our main Canvas timezone is set to central). A solution is to ensure that the users profile timezone matches the time zone of their device. Thanks  @mjennings ‌ for showing me this thread. 

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Hi  @jared_flaherty .  That is very strange.  I have a quick question.  Is this happening in only one class or is the same thing happening in every class this faculty teaches?  

yes, every class.   I made a copy of the current course and it had the same behavior.    I had him look through his former classes and they were all off by one day as well...    I had him change his time zone from Central to Eastern and the dates/times jumped forward 25 hours.    ???????????????

Have you checked to see if the time zone of this faculty member is set to Central under their account and settings (I wasn't sure if you were changing time zones within the class or somewhere else)?  I'm trying to think of anything that could cause this to happen.  I believe in some instances it may be possible for faculty to change settings.  If the timezone was off in their personal settings, it might suggest something is going on, but it seems like being so consistent that it must be a setting somewhere.

Yes.   When the user's time zone was set to Central, it displayed a due date 24 hours ahead of the actual due date.   When we switched it to Eastern, it displayed correctly.    

Wow.  The only other thing that I can think of is maybe browser or computer settings, but you mention the faculty tried different browsers and computers so it would be strange that something would be set incorrectly in all their browsers or multiple computers.  Sorry I can't be of more help!  Maybe someone else here has an idea, or it may be something that Canvas support folks could look into. When you figure out what happened, please let me know!

I am curios if students in the class see the correct dates or if they see a difference between what is in the course summary and actual assignments as well. 

I even added an alternate login for the user and logged in and couldn't replicate the issue.    

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We are also having this in multiple courses with multiple users (instructors & students). I know we have a few tickets open, but replicating it is next to impossible. I was literally on the phone with an instructor and it was correct on my screen and 24-hours early on theirs. They changed their time zone to eastern and everything was correct. when they changed it back to central it was off again.

Wow, thanks for the reply.     This is interesting.    Do you happen to know if the instructor you were on the phone with was actually physically located in the Eastern time zone?    Mine was...

Yes she was, but this was also happening to one of our local instructors here in Alabama on Monday. On Tuesday he said it all displayed properly again. We started with this as a small number of people affected, but it seems to be growing each day.