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Syllabus - Course Summary Dates

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OK, very weird situation here.      One of our instructors is seeing due dates for all course assignments, etc. in the Course Summary in the Syllabus area exactly 1 day prior to the actual due date in the course.     The time zone is set to Central Time, which is the same time zone as the course is set to... which is the same time zone that our entire instance is set to.

Any ideas?    The instructor has tried different computers and browsers and is getting same issue.

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I had the same problem with one of my classes. Had to move things manually on the calendar.

Now a colleague is having the same issue.

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I had the exact same issue! I am an instructor living in the Eastern time zone, teaching in the Pacific time zone.

The Canvas course time is set to Pacific. However, my computer (Mac) time was set to Eastern time, as it always has been.

As I was checking the Syllabus, I noted that the due date time was three hours different than I had originally provided, matching my Eastern time versus Pacific.

I contacted Canvas with no resolve. I also cleared my history/cache on Safari and Chrome. 

To handle the situation quickly for myself and my students, I have updated my Mac time zone so that it is now Pacific time. This update is the only quick fix that has allowed the correct timing to sync.

I noticed that the timing issues were specific to the Syllabus and Adjust All features. The course Calendar and assignment settings within Modules had dates that remained the same as far as I can tell, regardless of the time zone set on my computer.

I have been teaching in Canvas for over a year and this has not happened previously.

I am fascinated to know what resolutions are discovered about this issue. 

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This is happening to me.  It is strange because the dates and times are correct in the calendar, but not the Syllabus course summary.  I called the Faculty support number and they took my information down and said they would contact me when they figure out why this is happening.  Perhaps those of you who are having the same issue could do the same so that you find out what the fix might be.

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I am in Washington State and have experienced the same problem with no success from IT. I resolved the issue by setting my due date times at 8:59pm PST which translate to 11:59pm EST. Course setting is EST. Not a perfect solution but it works for my courses.

Yes, everyone, please contact Canvas technical support... I have already contacted them.     They said it was something local to the user's computer, however we now know that wasn't the case and this issue is widespread.

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Instructure has identified that there is an issue and they're working to resolve. We spoke to our account admin this morning and he's doing what he can to expedite our ticket with them on this issue.

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Great News!! Is there an issue number you can share so that we can have our admin ( @tylerweldon ) get our issues linked to this?

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Sure, here is the Canvas ticket number.   02721017

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Hi Everyone, 

I spoke with Canvas Support yesterday and it looks like there is a bug that occurs when a users computer time zone is east of the time zone within Canvas. In our case we are seeing the issue when users who have a computer set in eastern time zone but have their profile timezone set to central (our main Canvas timezone is set to central). A solution is to ensure that the users profile timezone matches the time zone of their device. Thanks  @mjennings ‌ for showing me this thread. 

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Okay, thank you.  I just reset my time zone to Pacific, but manually set my computer clock to the correct time for me where I live.  However, is this something that all students need to do, also?  Will they see incorrect days if their device time zone does not match the time zone for the course in Canvas?  I am hoping that there is a fix for this within Canvas so that I don't have to change my computer's settings.