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Syllabus - Course Summary Dates

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OK, very weird situation here.      One of our instructors is seeing due dates for all course assignments, etc. in the Course Summary in the Syllabus area exactly 1 day prior to the actual due date in the course.     The time zone is set to Central Time, which is the same time zone as the course is set to... which is the same time zone that our entire instance is set to.

Any ideas?    The instructor has tried different computers and browsers and is getting same issue.

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I have the same problem. The date of the assignment is correct in the assignment itself, but it displays 24 hours early in the syllabus.The calendar does show the correct date, however. This is really going to confuse students, particularly for synchronous activities.

The problem was not there last semester. Oddly for courses that are closed (from last semester), the syllabus shows the date correctly.

I don't have a lot of confidence in Canvas support when they say they are "working on it." I have been told this about other matters that I am waiting for a fix a year later. It is particularly irritating when you get the automated email from support saying "Your Canvas Support case #### has been set to a "solved" status."

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I agree with the working on it response but hopefully they will resolve this since I believe it was "broken" with the update done during the beginning of this month.

Also having someone change their computer time zone setting is not a very good workaround since they would either have to change it during their Canvas use time or leave it that way and have their computer display the wrong time.

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Just to update everyone, the fix has been moved into the Beta version. I tested it myself and I no longer have the issue. 

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 @asi10 ‌ I just found this answer to the problem we were discussing earlier.