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Sync Two Canvas courses

I teach Concurrent Enrollment Courses at a High school so I have the same students enrolled in TWO canvas courses (one at the University and one through my High School).  I need the two courses to be the same so right now I spend a lot of my time doing data entry to keep things updated.  I know I can do a Canvas export from one course to the other and then do a grade export to make them sync but that is also time consuming and not without errors since sometimes the students names don't match exactly or other assignment errors.  It would be so much easier if the two canvas courses were more fluid and talked to each other.  I know I am not the only Concurrent Enrollment teacher that has to deal with this.  Please advise so that I can use my time more effectively.  Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @LisaJeppson1 ...

Are these two Canvas courses in the same Canvas environment?  Or is one course in your University's Canvas environment and the other is in your High School's Canvas environment?

Yes, they are at different Canvas environments: one at the university and the other at the high school.

Hello again, @LisaJeppson1 ...

Since you are working within two separate Canvas environments, I am not sure that anything can be synced between them.  Other Community members might have some alternative ideas for you, but from what I can tell, you'd have to continue to do what you're currently doing.  (I'd be more than happy to be wrong, though.)  Good luck!