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System Account Roles

We are looking for some basic guidelines/ideas of a couple of Account Roles that someone might have created in their system that were helpful.

For example perhaps you created an Account Role for Instructional Designers or Deans?

If so, what role did you create and what types of permissions you gave that role?

Thanks so much for any direction to consider.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @lbarratt1 ​...

Since this question doesn't seem to have one "Correct" answer, I am going to convert your posting to a Discussion rather than a Question.  I hope this is okay with you.

Now...onto the question you asked.  We created a role called "Viewer" (which is based off of the "Teacher" role type).  The purpose of this role was for use in our "Master Term" where we house a "master" copy of all our online/blended courses that we offer in Canvas.  In a "master" course, we enroll one or more people in a course.  Typically, one (maybe two) instructor is assigned as a "Teacher" and has full editing rights to the "master" course.  This person is typically the person responsible for keeping  the curriculum up-to-date in the "Master Term".  The other people who are enrolled in this "master" course are added as a "Viewer".  They cannot edit the content of the course, but they can view the content of the course as well as import content from this course to their own course in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.  For the "Viewer" role, we have the following permissions checked (with the green checkmark).

  • Create student collaborations
  • Create web conferences
  • Moderate Grades
  • Post to discussions
  • See the list of users
  • Send messages to individual course members
  • View announcements
  • View discussions

The rest of the permissions have the red "X".

Hope this helps, Leona!

Community Champion

We currently have 5 Admin roles:

Account Admin - full access

     This is the full admin, and limited to only a couple people

Admin Support - ability to affect classes, but none of the backend

     This is for our Instructional Designers, and those in Help Desk that need more access and have the expertise to not mess it up

Help Desk - Can view certain things such as user lists and course lists

     This is for our Help Desk, and has limited access, since they're only supposed to do Level 1 support

Department Chair - same as Admin Support

     We actually only use this role in the subaccounts, and give the Chairs full access only to their subaccount

University Librarian - Similar to Help Desk, but can view statistics

For Course Roles:

Student, TA, Teacher, Designer, Observer, and Librarian.  Teacher, Designer, and Librarian are nearly identical, but are there so students in a course know who they are if they view the People page.