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TAs accessing EdPuzzle Assignments Through Canvas App

Hi!  We have paraprofessionals logging into Canvas as TAs for courses.  The teachers are assigning EdPuzzle assignments for the students through the EdPuzzle app integration on Canvas. However, despite the fact that the TAs have EdPuzzle accounts, they are unable to view the EdPuzzle assignments or student videos through Canvas.  If the TAs are made teachers, they can then access these EdPuzzle assignments. However, we can't figure out what setting or permission is preventing the TAs from accessing these EdPuzzle assignments.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Megan - With your TA permissions, do users have access to grading or assignment creation?

With EdPuzzle, the LTI is based on the Teacher's EdPuzzle + the Teacher's Canvas account. There may be something more complex with the TA's access. They may not be able to ever set up an assignment, but if they can assist with grading, those submissions should be visible in the Assignment details and in SpeedGrader.