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TURN OFF Authenticator in Canvas

LMS Admin here:

We would like to turn OFF the authentication services in Canvas (i.e. Google Authenticator/2FA). It is causing issues with international students on so many levels. We are comfortable in removing it but when I select "Remove Authentication" it throws a warning that says "Users may not be able to login" --- SO I need to know what is going to happen if I remove the authentication? Am I going to open the floodgates of issues with people being able to access Canvas?  

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@StephaniCuddie Others on here may know even more but I can tell you that it should depend on how you have setup your Canvas logins.  For example, we do not sync any type of passwords to Canvas so if we turned off our 2 Factor link, users would not be able to login as none of their accounts are fully setup in Canvas.  If your users are able to login by going to the FQDN  (to force it you can go to successfully then they should be able to login okay once you turn it off.

Again, I am sure others in this group have more knowledge on it but thought I would share that piece.