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Teacher App - After annotating student work, app no longer allows a swipe to grade the next student.

Today, out of nowhere, the color of the annotation tools changed from black to red. Along with that change, I can no longer annotate a student's work without having to back out of the assignment by pressing "Done". If I don't annotate, then I can swipe to the next student as expected after applying a grade. It's just the process of annotation that seems to have broken the functionality. 

With midterms around the corner, this is a real mess. So is there something that's changed that I'm missing? I'm hopeful this is not a "new feature", because it really hampers workflow severely.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @SteveK 

I do not use the Teacher App, but for some strange reason, everybody is asking this today, and so I have come across this several times.

First, a recent update of the app seems to have broken a few things. I would strongly suggest creating a support ticket, so that you are added to the list, and the Canvas engineers can identify and fix the functions that broke.

Secondly, someone posted a work-round for your specific issue - exit the annotations tools, then swipe to the next student.

I know this really wasn't that much help, but that's all I've got.


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