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I am using the Canvas Teacher App on a new iPad Pro, and I'm having a ton of issues.

1. It crashes frequently when I try to open an uploaded assignment in Speedgrader.

2. When it doesn't crash upon opening, it only opens images in Speedgrader once in a while, but most of the time it comes up with an error message about Invalid Certificates. (I've downloaded all certificates from our secure school WiFi and our Guest WiFi and even plugged in through an Ethernet cable.) 

3. When it does connect on the rare occasion, and I'm able to use my Apple Pencil to annotate before it crashes, sometimes the things I write with my Apple Pencil don't save within the app, but then I see them when I load the assignment through the web browser. 

The iPad app is really a mess! For having such a large user base, I really hope there are improvements planned for their apps, not just their browser based sites! 


Any ideas?


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @wikfors -

I have heard about some of these issues from colleagues. While we did our in-house troubleshooting, we tried updating the iOS, deleting, then reinstalling the app. All of those steps and starting completely fresh with Canvas Teacher seemed to do the trick. 

If you have already tried to do that, I recommend submitting a ticket to your local support team. They then could escalate it to Canvas for further investigation.

How do I get help with the Teacher app on my iOS device? 

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