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Teacher of some courses AND parent observer of their own child?

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I am a teacher, have a Canvas account and use it for the courses I teach. My son's elementary school teacher is starting to use Canvas in her classroom(in the same district/domain). My question is do I need a new account to be able to pair with my child and view his courses? Or can I somehow pair my existing teacher account? 

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Could you please send me the instructions on how to do this as well? I am a culinary instructor and have two kids of mine who are on canvas.  Thank you

I need the workaround for me to be both a teacher in canvas and an observer for my son. I do not have the observing button!




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Can you please share the workaround with me as well? Thank you!

@KristinL I got to thinking that if I didn't link to you directly you may not see my previous message about wanting the work around for teacher accounts to be observers on their own children in the same district/system. Hopefully this works as I'd love to have the work around


@scientistrunner  -- unfortunately, this is not something that should be shared publically, as the solution can be used for students to observe other students. That would possibly lead to an academic integrity issue.

I need it too.

Can you send it to mee too?  This is my fist time posting here.  I hope I get this right.

Can you please share with me how a teacher can also be a parent observer. THank you!

I hate to pile on but I would love to benefit from this workaround as well. If you could share I would really appreciate it, thank you.

Can you please send me the directions also? I don't want to have two Canvas accounts. Thank you!

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If I want to separate the teacher and parent account, then do I set up a new login in Canvas with my personal email? Or do I go to settings in my Canvas account?