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Test Bank images not showing up

Using a test bank. Gave a quiz once and worked fine. Gave a second quiz and now none of the images are showing up in the student's screens. Works on my computer (the originating machine), but not on anyone else's. Not sure how to trouble shoot as my computer has no problems.

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 @lmoreira ‌, some schools have set up their support process so that Report a Problem tickets are first triaged at the local level, and if that's the setup at your school, please ask students to request in the description field that the ticket needs to be escalated to Canvas if the case can't be solved by the school's help desk.

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Chris, I appreciate your desire to put the issue to bed. But, I encourage Instructure not to drop this altogether.

While the original author (James Stone) may not be replying... there are (by my count) five others who have chimed in, saying, "I have the same problem." The most recent in May of this year.

We had recurrences of this over the summer. We did open a ticket with Instructure. As of today, no resolution. And, now, we're beginning yet another semester... and... without any affirmative response from Instructure, we kinda gotta just hope.

I'll certainly pop back in and add a note, if the issue resurfaces. (Or, should I be opening a new thread?) 

Cliff Cunningham

Learning Technologies Consultant

Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

Hey  @cliff_cunningha . This question will remain and you will be able to revisit it in the future to add any new information. You do not need to open a new thread and there is useful context here. Chris has marked it as assumed answered to help those who review questions find ones that need a response the most.

I can try to check on the status of your support ticket if you would like to send me the ticket number, but I'm not sure that will necessarily provide any new information or accomplish anything that a request for an update on the ticket itself would accomplish. 

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We are having this issue right now in one of my courses. The quiz was image files were originally imported from an older course. I have already gone through and deleted all images and tried embedding them all over again. However, they are still not showing up on the quiz. This has happened 3 times now. Anyone have any solutions? My faculty are getting frustrated with the whole process at this point.


I have had the same issue and taken the same exact steps that you have. The frustrating thing about this whole scenario is when I go into Speedgrader to look at the missing image (identified by the student), I see the images present in the question. They send me a screenshot to support their claims and the image is, in fact, missing. I have gone as far as going into the exam on different computers and they always show up for me, so I am at a loss at what to tell students.

I have contacted Canvas about this and they could not duplicate the problem as they went through my exams and they saw all the images as well. I always have students clear their cookies and cache before every exam but the problem still remains. So, from what I am seeing here, there is no fix to this problem which makes it very challenging for a highly visual course such as mine. 

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Got some news for you!

From examview test generator I chose to export the file as Angel 7.4 then I imported this file as usual by canvas and the images finally appeared!! However, I have a new problem as the grading points for each point have changed! So I think I'll have to change them back by editing the quiz in canvas unless someone suggests something else.

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I just had this issue today.  Three students out of 42 had issues and they were all using Chrome.  2 were on Macs and 1 on a PC.  After submission of the exam, some can see all the pictures when they look at their submission.  One student was able to see half of the previously missing images.  That student just cleared the cache and updated the browser and can see all the questions.

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We are still experiencing problems with images in quiz questions and question banks, and we still cannot find a "best practice" document by Instructure for the best way to set these up so that they work on multiple browsers and operating systems (updated, of course) and so that the links maintain their integrity as banks and quizzes get imported into future courses.