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Text book interface

How do I integrate my pearson's lab into canvas? 

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I am assuming from the question that you are instructor.  Depending on how things work at your institution, you will need someone to get a Consumer Key and Shared Secret from Pearson.  We do that centrally for our teachers but don't know how your institution works.  Pearson MyLab and Mastering is where you can  request the key.   Once you get the key, you can install the app from the settings link in your course and then the Apps tab.   You will also need the textbook code that you got with your book.  That will generate codes that you give out to your students that allow them to connect as well.

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Community Coach

Hi  @clopez 

When you or your school chose Pearson's MyLab, you should have been provided with an Integration Guide for Canvas. Luckily, I tried Pearson for a couple terms before dumping it. I think this link will take you to where you can get the info you need: Training & Support for Educators | MyLab & Mastering | Pearson 

Also, you might want to check out the SIS & Integrations group, for some good tips from other Pearson users.  There is also a good discussion at What are your experiences with Pearson MyLab LTI? in the group.

I hope this helps,


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Thank you for the information. Why did you dump it?

On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 10:56 AM, Kelley L. Meeusen <>

 @clopez ‌

Many reasons:

  • Additional expense for students,
  • Not particularly as useful as Pearson makes it out to be,
  • Students found learning to access and use the site challenging,
  • Clumsy integration, and
  • I just don't particularly like to support publishers at my students' expense!

I might have led the pack, but our entire 2-year professional program dumped it.


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Thank you for your feed back. I appreciate it.

On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 11:21 AM, Kelley L. Meeusen <>

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I've helped instructors integrate it into Canvas, some like it (math and psychology), and others not so much (health information technologies) because some students had trouble with their accounts and getting help was not easy for them. Instructor did not like it because grades did not pass back to Canvas easily. It is an okay tool, if the expense is not too great for students.