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Thank you Letter For Canvas

Everybody here are been so helpful and kind and very generous! I am just thanking everybody for all the time people put in to help each other, I am just letting you know that we could not have a Canvas community without all of these peoples help. 


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Community Champion

 @3143957 , I am totally with you on this sentiment! I have participated in a lot of online communities in my life and this is the best one I have ever participated in! Kudos to Instructure and to all of the community members who's willingness to help is just awesome!!!

New Member

If you comment on here I am giving badges and points out, just so you can see my appreciation with you.


                                                                                          -Jack Boyles (this discussion creater) 


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This is where you make a comment so you can get points and a badge to show my appreciation to Canvas

                                                      -Jack Boyles

Community Contributor

Agree too  @3143957 ‌ - so many good ideas that are transferrable to diverse settings and curriculum areas. Community collaboration is the only way people can truly succeed. It takes a village to raise a child!

And that village helps keep the other villagers healthy, happy and continually learning. Love those connections in our world wide village. 

Community Member

The community is amazing and helpful. Without the people posting here we would have to make all the same mistakes over and over. I do wish Canvas (the company), took more imitative to make a good product much much better.