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The %Formative and %Summative scores are not showing in the individual gradebooks.

This is happening in the new and old version of the gradebook in the individual student gradebooks.  it is calculating a final grade, but it no longer shows the calculation for formative and summative. This was working fine before our winter break (Dec 20th).  


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Community Team
Community Team


Did you submit this as a support case?  If not, please do.  Use the help menu to the left of Canvas to 'report a problem'.

I have, thank you.  They seem to think it is a new gradebook problem that needs to be submitted here....go figure

Hi, Heather,

All cases related to the New Gradebook should be sent through our regular escalation processes. We only recently asked that bugs not be reported in this space, so the support agent may have just forgotten. Feel free to reply to that ticket and ask that it be reviewed for our engineering team.



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Where do you create percentages for formative and summative?

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