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The Future of Question Bank Migration

Hi there,

I work for a four-year university as a Canvas LMS admin. I've received concerns from faculty members regarding migrating question banks for the future. We have a specific course that would like to roll over question banks for multiple years, and have those banks housed within that class only. 

Because we are still using Classic Quizzes, we aren't having any trouble with question bank migration yet. However, when we move over to New Quizzes in the future, will there be any major changes to question bank migration? Will this specific course be allowed to roll over question banks without any problems in Canvas?

If quiz migration will be eliminated and/or changed in the future, would pushing the course to Commons be a possible solution? Can we push the course to Commons and import quiz banks successfully this way?

Thank you! Any feedback is much appreciated to help us solve a possible quiz bank migration issue.

Thank you!

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To add more to this question, what QTI support (e.g., which QTI version) would there be for the new quizzes? Can questions from other platforms be imported into the new quizzes?

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Community Coach

Hi there, @gcat12345 ...

I'm not sure if this link will help at all, but I recently came across a reply in this topic that has a lot of directions in it re: quizzes and question banks.  I tried out the instructions, and it seemed to work.  It's not the most ideal, but for now it might be a good work-around for you to try?

Solved: Re: Migrate question banks from the old quizzing e... - Instructure Community (

What are your thoughts?  Might this work for your needs...for now?

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