The best way to mask & uncover grades simultaneously for all students? (SpeedGrader)

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I have not been able to pinpoint the right guide for this.

My situation is that myself and a few TAs are currently grading all 150-something papers through 'SpeedGrader'.

Right now, all the grades and comments made on the papers by the TAs are set to private as myself and the TAs work through them. However, I would like to uncover all the grades for students, all at once on a specific date, once the grading process is completed... without losing any of the comments & feedback written on the essays for students.

 Is there a nifty way to do that? 

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It sounds to me like you are describing what a Manual Post Policy on the assignment would accomplish.  When you set the assignment post policy to manual, all of the grades and comments stay hidden from students until you choose to post them. 


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